Welcome to the Geekz Remote Support page.

Unless we instruct you otherwise, you must first call us at (630) 307-9528 before you can begin a remote support session. Just because a name appears below does not necessarily mean that the person is available to help you!


Call us first and we'll talk you through what to do. Once you click on the support rep's name below, you'll be prompted to download a file to run. You'll want to choose RUN (not save) at these prompts. This will install a tiny, temporary application on your computer which will allow us to see and drive your computer from our office. When we are done and disconnect, the application will be deleted. We cannot get back into your computer without you initiating another session.

Did we mention yet that you need to CALL US FIRST? We will not respond to unsolicited requests for support!

Support rep(s) on-line:

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